Antalya Shopping Malls

A good vacation is only complete with lots of shopping, right? If you have chosen Antalya for a nice rest, you do not need to fill your suitcase on the way, because you can be sure that you will find everything you are looking for here. Additionally, we have listed some of the shopping malls for you, where you can find much more than a shopping mall and add color to your day with various activities.

Mall of Antalya (MOA)

The biggest shopping, entertainment and living center of the Mediterranean, Mall of Antalya; It is located opposite the Antalya Airport in connection with the Deepo Outlet Center. Together with the Deepo Outlet Center, it serves its guests with more than 200 stores and thousands of brands.
Mall of Antalya offers shopping, culture, arts and entertainment all packed together. ıt features “MOA Stage” where adult and children’s plays are exhibited, “MOA Performance Center” where successful artists and their concerts meet with art lovers, “MOA Art Gallery” where the works of valuable painters are exhibited and Turkey’s largest cinema complex Cinetech.

Terracity Mall

Antalya’s premium shopping mall, TerraCity, brought many world-famous brands to Antalya for the first time. TerraCity, which has become the most attractive living center of Antalya with its 180 shops and restaurants, also hosts various cultural and art meetings and stands out with its full event calendar. It offers a unique concept of entertainment and shopping environment with its modern architecture, entertainment areas, famous brands and a food & beverage area for 1000 people.

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